We had windows installed through Tip Top Home Solutions and are extremely satisfied with the product and workmanship. First the company is very easy to deal with and extremely professional. While getting windows through a smaller contractor like Tip Top can be more expensive than going through a larger company like a big-box store, the trade-off is a more thorough job and a greater desire to get the job done right the first time. If you think about it, a company serving fewer customers needs to finish up with happy customers more so than a larger one. All this being said, we ran into issues with termite damaged wood within the wall during our window installation. These guys repaired all of it, where a bigger company might have just thrown in the window and left it…resulting in problems down the road. There was some confusion about the cost of all the extra work, but in the end it was priced fairly and I was completely satisfied with the whole process. Tip Top is a general contractor type service and can help you with just about any home repair/improvement project. They will be my first call for an estimate from here on, and I would highly recommend you call them too at the very least for an estimate for your project. — Nathan Schmitz (Google Review – Feb 2017)